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Oh man, this topic really brings me back to my childhood!  Learning how important it is to tell the truth and not lie.  Understanding that lying usually leads to worse consequences than just being honest in the beginning.  Learning that other people do not really want to be around a person that lies. Well guess what? These things are all still true today as an adult.  I know it may sound silly for me to say that but truly so many of us have forgotten these simple life lessons in our progression to adulthood.

We Have Lost So Many Of The Lessons We Learned As A Child

Why would it be any different as an adult?  Why would things change? Well for this topic it shouldn’t have changed since childhood.  Lying leads to worse consequences and people absolutely do not want to be around individuals that lie.  The difference between childhood and adulthood is the things we lie about. Today those lies can be much more destructive and about much more serious things than, “no I don’t know who knocked that plant over.”.  Lies in adulthood can cause irreparable damage in relationships, jobs and many other areas of our life.

Stop Doing Things In Your Life That Lead You To Lie

So what’s the best way not to lie you ask?  Well of course it is to not have things in your life that you feel the need to lie about!  Instead of harboring things about yourself and covering them up with lies, be the person you claim to be.  Cut the garbage out that you feel the need to lie about and be the outstanding capable person you claim to be!  The best way to do that is to tell someone you can trust and has your best interest in mind about what you are lying about and let them help support you to find freedom from that lie.  By bringing things from the darkness into the light we can gain the strength to overcome those lies.

Get Support From Good People In Your Life

Choose someone honest and trustworthy.  Tell them what you have been lying about and that you want to change.  Work out a plan with them to stop lying and change that aspect of your life.  Let them hold you accountable to the plan and let them challenge you to be a better person.  The key is opening up to someone you can trust and letting them push you a little.  Is it going to be uncomfortable and even difficult? Yes, but it is so worth it to find freedom over those areas in your life!

Gaining Freedom From A Long Term Lie Is Amazing

To find freedom from something you have been hiding and lying about is an amazing feeling.  Freedom that lifts the weight of those lies off your shoulders and allows you to start living your life like you are meant to.  It does mean you have to be honest and open with someone and it means you need to give that person the freedom to push and challenge you to accomplish this goal and become who you want to be.  Allowing someone to have a level of control in your life can be scary but it’s powerful and it will change your life. Just make sure they are worthy of your trust and you will not be disappointed.  I will never stop talking about the importance of having other people in your life that will consistently challenge you to be better, it is immensely powerful and will never stop changing your life for the better.

What Are You Waiting For?

In the end, lying is usually a habit and often tied to something you are either ashamed of or are simply hiding from those around you.  Cut out the behavior that you are ashamed of or hiding and the lie does not need to occur. It may take a while as habits can be really difficult to break but if you work hard at it and have some good friends that can keep you accountable and challenge you it is totally possible.  So what are you waiting on?