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Solid friends are important for so many reasons in all of our lives and I have highlighted much of them in my previous friends posts but I want to talk about the importance of having people you can really rely on.  When I talk about this the first thing that comes to mind is family, because family is usually the closest relationships you have in life…except when they are not.  Not everyone has really close family and some people have family that are not physically or emotionally close. So when you don’t have family that you can rely on in a time of need what do you do?  

A True Friend Should Be Willing To Tear The Roof Off To Get To You

I want to always have friends that are close to me and are willing to help out when I need someone.  Friends that I can really trust to have my best interests in mind. When you slice your finger open or smash it in a car door and need someone to drive you to the hospital because you don’t want to pay for an ambulance (yeah, that’s a real thing!) you need someone reliable that is willing to drop whatever they are doing, tear through a roof to get you if they need to and get you where you need to go.  

If You Want Real Friendships You Have To Be Real…Share Your Mess!

You build friendships like this by being real, by sharing your life with them and letting them share their life with you, even the tough and messy parts. You do this by being there for them when they need you and being willing to sacrifice for them in their times of need.  This can mean sacrificing your time, energy, tools, money or anything else that you can do to help them. Does your friend need help with a new stove but can’t afford to buy one? Well, you work with other friends and get the funds together to help them out. It’s just what friends do!  Then when you are in need, you better believe they will be there for you and you will become better friends than ever.

It is really important to have someone in your life you can rely on and honestly the more the better!   If you only have one person you can rely on and they are too busy with legitimate things to help you, well then you need to be able to call on someone else.  When you are desperate for a date night with your spouse but there is no one to watch the kids, call a friend that you can rely on and they will jump at the chance to hang out with your kids and love on you by letting you get out of the house.  

Be A Friend That Is Worth The Investment Of Time

I think a friendship should be so much more than just getting together for coffee or dinner from time to time, it should be a mutually beneficial relationship where you truly help each other and look out for each other.  If that’s not the case then what is the point of investing your time in a friendship that is not going anywhere? We are all very busy and it seems like no one I know has a lot of free time, so in my mind having a friend just to say we are friends is not really worth the investment.  You want to invest in friendships that are meaningful and impactful in your life.

Great Friendships Are Hard Work…But So Worth It

So I challenge you to think about your friendships and see if you have any that would be willing to stand up for you and challenge you in your life.  See if you have any that will be there to support you no matter the circumstances and work hard to foster those friendships. A lot of us forget that good friendships take a lot of work and attention.  Do what you need to do to grow closer to those individuals that are worth your time. If you don’t have friends like that, find them!  They are out there and chances are they are looking for a good friend just like you are.  They don’t want to drive themselves to the hospital with a smashed finger any more than you do  The world is full of lonely people that are just waiting to make some friends, get out there and find yours so you can help each other through this messy life!