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Sometimes in life decisions seem to fly at us faster than we can think.  It feels like we are flying down the freeway in a racecar and the decisions are smacking against our windshield like bugs.  I know, I feel it as well and I am not a fan of moving that fast. I am a firm believer in taking your time with decisions and making sure you make the best decision the first time.  One of the problems with the fast chaotic life that many of us live is that we feel like we need to make super quick snap decisions or we will be left behind.

Take your time, its ok to slow down!

You can take your time, you can make sure to make the best possible decision.  You just have to give yourself the opportunity and be ok with waiting on some decisions until you arrive at the best response.  Keep in mind there are some decisions that need to be made quickly and without much deliberation. If your house is on fire, you should not be thinking about what to do, you should be getting you and anyone else out immediately.

Know when to move fast and when to slow down

Sometimes you just have to move fast, and it’s important to know when that is.  If someone comes knocking and tells you about this great new investment they found that if you put a bunch of money in it a week later you will double your returns…but you need to give them the money right now.  Well, that’s a decision I would think long and hard about and do your research on before giving. Generally if something sounds that good and there is that much pressure, it’s a scam of some kind and will likely end up with your hard earned money slipping from your grasp.

Don’t let someone else rush you, you need to be comfortable

It should be a red flag to slow down anytime there is external pressure on you to move quickly without you being comfortable or fully understanding the situation.  Remember, it’s ok to take your time even though this world pressures us all to move faster and faster. Here is a wise proverb that exactly illustrates what I am saying, “The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.”

Work it through to figure out what works best

First, gather all the data you can surrounding the decision to be made and make sure you completely understand all the options.  Then make a list of the pros and cons of every side of the decision, keep in mind there is usually more than just two options! Use that list to help guide you towards your decision but know that some decisions in life might be a little risky and the risk might be worth it.  Saying you will run a 5K with a friend when you have never ran in your life is risky but with enough time and focus, it might be worth the risk!

It’s up to you to decide what risk is worth taking

You have to decide how much risk you want to take on and how long of a cons column you are willing to take a risk on.  No one can make that decision for you, but if you have all the details and have weighed the decision fully at least you will be making an informed decision and will be ready if things go wrong.  I would definitely say that if you are diligent with your response and take the time to think things through there is a much higher chance of success for you in the things you plan.

Mentors will change your life for the better

Next you definitely should run the plan by some mentors, see my previous post about the importance of having mentors in your life and following their advice here.  Once you have all the information and the pros and cons list you can connect with a few mentors in your life and get their feedback on the decision.  Like a king in the past or the president of a nation today, do not make hasty decisions without surrounding yourselves with people that can help you make the right one, heres another proverb proving this point, “Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still; teach the righteous and they will add to their learning.”  

Don’t give in to pressure to move quickly

Often times there is no need to quickly make a potentially life changing decision and any pressure to make it quickly is inflated by your desire to be done with the process or whoever is presenting the decisions need for a speedy resolution.  They aren’t the ones that need to live with the decision so why give in to them?

The world will push you faster, sometimes we need to fight the world

Either way you need to fight the instinct to always make quick snap decision and instead think about it, plan it out and get some outside advice from people you can trust to steer you in the right direction.  Ultimately they can’t make your decision for you and it will still be up to you, but they can at least help you arrive at it and support you along the way.