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In this second installment about fear I want to talk about how often this world tells us that are lives are without purpose, without a reason for being.  This is a huge lie and is told to us to make us look for purpose in things we are never meant to find purpose in.  Our purpose was never designed to be found in another person or a relationship or a job or anything else yet many on this planet do exactly that.  Their purpose is found in a relationship they have with another person or a job and yet no person on this earth is perfect and no job will last forever!

We are all messed up!

We are all damaged in some way, so we inevitably hurt those around us.  Sometimes that is on accident and sometimes on purpose but the reality is that we will inevitably be hurt even by the person we find our purpose in.  When that happens what do we do?  When the task or job we find our purpose in ends what’s next?  Often those things lead to pain, depression and suffering until we just latch onto a new purpose and ride that for a while until it also ends.  Like a rollercoaster we keep riding on and on, up and down and all around never finding our true eternal purpose…until now!

True purpose is obtainable

I know what our true purpose is and I want to pass it on to you.  Its simple in a way yet also a bit complicated so get ready.  Your purpose is to bring glory to your maker!  To bring glory to the one true God of this universe, to the One that made everything including you and me.  Just think about it, why does an artist make art?  Why does a painter paint?  Many would say they do it because they enjoy their creations and I believe God is no different.  He wants to enjoy us, He loves to see us thrive and live the full meaning of our lives.  It brings a smile to His face and I truly believe it is our purpose.

You can glorify God

Now the important thing to remember is that you were created for a reason (as I highlighted in this post here) and that means God has lots of amazing plans for you and through those you can also glorify Him.  We can glorify Him in many ways, by being kind and compassionate to one another (Ephesians 4:32), serving each other (Galatians 6:2) and just loving those around you (Hebrews 10:24).  All of these things and many more will bring glory to God, your maker.  Remember you were not born on accident; God knew you before you were even formed in the womb (Jeremiah 1:5.)

Purpose was born in you and you are filled with it

You are important, you are a necessary part of this life, you have immense amounts of purpose and you can glorify God in your actions and choices.  This world would have you believe otherwise but it is simply not true.  If you are not, start living like you have purpose and don’t go looking for that purpose in everything around you…its inherent in you which means you were born with purpose.  The more you open yourself up to God and listen the more He will pour out his purpose to you.  I want to encourage you to join the 7 day challenge and work through my free self-assessment tool to help you recognize areas of your life that you may need to work on.  Let’s get better together!!