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My journey with back problems has lead me to understand things a little differently in my life

I have been on a journey for about 8 months now with severe back pain.  It comes and goes at time but mostly it just hurts. All the time, it hurts.  Really no matter what I do I am in pain and it has really opened my eyes up to a few things in life that I think going through this has really solidified in my life.  It often seems as though through our greatest struggle we can experience the greatest growth and we can open the door to our greatest purpose.

We can handle so much more than we can imagine

I realize just how much our bodies can handle and still keep moving forward.  I can’t do many things in my life that I want to do right now or that I have done in the past but I can still live, and I can still grow as a person.  No amount of pain will take that away from me. As I sit on the floor with my young sons and struggle through my pain to give them my attention and time I realize that even though I can’t do the things I used to I can still love them and I can help them grow and thrive in this world.  I still have purpose in their lives even through my struggles

Sometimes it seems so easy to give up but we have to keep going!

It would be really easy to just shut down my life and do nothing but complain about my circumstances.  You may understand this or not depending on what you have been through in your life but sometimes it would be so easy to just quit and give up.  The thought creeps into my mind from time to time and I have learned to diligently purge it quickly and violently out of my thoughts. There is simply no room for thoughts like that in my life, and no reason to think like that.  It may hurt, but it’s only pain. I can’t quit and I can’t give up because I have a purpose here still. Even through my pain and misery I have a purpose as I believe you also have.

We are all here for a purpose and we need to be reminded of that…sometimes daily

That is something else I have learned is that we need to know we have a purpose here on this earth, we are here for a reason.  We may not know it, we may not feel it and we may not even be able to guess at what our purpose is but it’s there. I promise you it’s there and we all need to remember that because it can get us through the hard times when all we feel like doing is giving up.

Finding Your True is here to help you on your journey to finding purpose

I can’t tell you what your purpose is but I can help you work on finding it.  That’s the true purpose behind Finding Your True and a big part of my purpose now, helping you get on a journey to help find your purpose.  We can do that by recognizing areas of our lives that we might need to do some work on and following through.  We can do it by becoming better individuals and by recognizing that we are not perfect. Every one of us needs some work, no matter how far in the journey we might be we all need some work.  This helps us become the person we need to be to help find our purpose for being here.

You matter, and you are valuable…no matter what your current situation is

The important thing that even I need to remember is that we all have value and it’s not based on how strong physically or mentally you are, it’s not based on how stable your emotions are or even on how much you can accomplish in a week.  Your value is based on the fact that your heart is still beating and you exist. You are here on this earth and you matter, so much that I am writing this post just for you.

I hope you believe me and that you can start to feel valuable in this world. Even if no one else in your life tells you that you are valuable I am right now.. You matter and there are people that care about you and need you so please don’t give up.  Remember, you can handle so much more than you could ever understand and you can control those thoughts that tell you otherwise because it’s a lie if your mind tells you anything other than, “You matter, you are valuable and your life has purpose.” Soak in that truth and don’t let any lies take root inside your mind.

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