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Good advice. Where do we get it? How do we decide what is good or bad advice and how do we follow it?  These are all good questions and I want to dive deep into advice today because I am firm believer in having people around me who can help me move forward, achieve goals and make wise decisions.

First, where do we get good advice?  Well, the first thing that comes to mind is from someone that has been through or accomplished what you are going through.  And not only that, but they have done it well.  If you want to write a book, advice should not come from someone who wanted to write a book but never finished or someone who wrote a book but never successfully published or sold it.  Find someone who is as successful at what you are working towards as you can and get advice from them.  If this is a big goal or a big struggle you are going through then it is worth pursuing the person that can give you sound advice that will actually help you on your journey and not just settling for some advice that actually might hurt your journey more than help it!

Second, how can we decide what is good or bad advice?  Well, I think if you start with step one and find a good source of advice, and they have used it to be successful in whatever your goal/situation is you can decide whether you feel it would be beneficial in your situation as well.  Get back to your childhood and play a little make believe with your imagination.  If you were to follow the advice given to you how would it play out?  Can you see the outcome?  If you can and its a positive one, then you are on your way.  If you can’t or you want more feedback there is nothing wrong with finding additional wise counsel.  Run the idea/advice by additional resources that you can trust, ask them to play it out and let you know their thoughts.  Then weigh all your feedback and make a decision. Yes, I said it…make a decision.  There is no guarantee, there is no absolute.  In the end it just depends on you making a decision and living with the results of your decision.  At least you are well informed and have thought long and hard about it.

Lastly, the implementation phase.  How do you follow good advice?  I think part of the problem many of us have is that we get paralyzed by fear or anxiety or we worry so much about the outcomes of our decisions that we do not even make a decision.  We hesitate and the goal/situation we need to deal with either disappears or things get figured out without your input.  This often leads to the issue being solved  in a way other than how we would have it and then we just move on to the next blow that life has to hit us with.  I am a firm believer in managing my life to the extent I need to and not just letting life hit me however it wants.  You have to get a little serious, take the advice, make goals and follow through. Otherwise, your dreams may never come true and situations in life will just own you instead of the other way around.  Life was meant to be purposefully lived, and we should not let life live us.  So get to work designing your future, get amazing advice, and implement it.