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I am strong willed, and I really don’t like to say I was wrong or say sorry, does anyone else struggle with this?  I know it has impacted relationships in my life and can really impact my marriage if I am not careful. Unfortunately my personality just wants to be right all the time which is not a good thing in a relationship.  When I listen to the little voice, admit when I am wrong and apologize, things just seem to go so much better! There is no sense in acting like we are perfect or that we know everything because that is impossible and doing it actually makes us look ignorant. 

Because I didn’t take my wife’s advice I put my family in a risky situation

Recently on vacation I got my family into a bit of a situation while hiking that seemed fun and the kids enjoyed it but my wife warned me that it might be a little dangerous and probably not a good idea.  I just kept on moving forward, thinking I was the one thinking clearly. In the end, my wife was definitely right and although nothing bad did happen other than me leaving a little skin on some boulders the potential for it to go badly was there and I certainly don’t ever want to put my wife and kids in any unnecessarily risky situation. 

If I didn’t say sorry, the rest of our trip may have been ruined

I needed to slow myself down and recognize that someone else might be speaking some wisdom to me.  In the end I apologized and admitted she was right and we moved on. If I had not been able to apologize, we might have gotten into a fight and it might have wrecked the rest of that day for us or even the rest of the trip!

The quicker you can get good at this, the easier life will be for you

If this is something you struggle with then the first time you try it might be tough and you may only be able to squeeze out a small “I’m sorry” or “You were right” or something like that but the more often you work on it the easier it will be.  Ultimately, being quick to admit when you are wrong will open up relationships and will ideally reduce arguing and fighting with others. This is especially important in intimate relationships. If you are always right and can’t admit when you are wrong, then arguments and fights are going to last forever and chances are you and your significant other will be harboring angry thoughts for days afterwards and we all know that is not healthy for anyone. 

So many arguments and fights are caused just by someone who doesn’t want to say they are sorry

When we are able to quickly recognize when we are wrong and admit it things will undoubtedly go smoother in any relationship and what used to be big arguments and problems will be over quicker and easier.  Discussions will not become arguments and arguments will not become fights and life just gets a lot smoother. This can apply to relationships, friendships, work, school…well everywhere in life that other people are involved.  The quicker you come to the realization that you are not fooling anyone, everyone knows you are not perfect and we all make mistakes the quicker you can get to admitting it and living a life free of the burden of being perfect. 

Figure this out, spend less time fighting and more time on the important things

You are human, we are all messed up and make mistakes and we all need to start admitting it so we can make this life better for those around us and not worse.  No one wants to spend time arguing and fighting when there is so much more to do with our time. So let’s work on this one together, say your sorry, admit when you are wrong and we can all just move on!

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