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We all want people to like us.  We enjoy getting along with people and feeling like others really care about us.  Ideally that would happen 100% of the time and with everyone we come across. Unfortunately life is not always ideal and in fact at times it just seems pretty messed up!  Anytime we add people into the mix of life we have an always changing, spinning, whirling mess! Sometimes people just don’t like us, and you know what? That’s ok because our self worth should not be found in what they say about or to us!

Your first instinct may not always be the best

I know it’s often our first instinct to try to make people like us, or figure out why they may not like us.  Like I said we just want people to like us! But it’s important to know who you are and what is important to you.  If someone else doesn’t like you or doesn’t want to be around you then that’s ok. It doesn’t mean we need to make a bunch of changes in our life or even feel bad about ourselves.  Sometimes we just need to let people go and move on in life.

What other people say about you really doesn’t matter

Nothing that another person thinks about you or even says to you should really affect you much unless they are a person that has shown they care about you and are invested in a positive future for you.  I know that it can be difficult sometimes to not let those around us affect us but really you can do it and just ignore the negative people in your life is going to make a huge difference!

People uninvested in our future should not have much power in our lives

Our identity should not be based on people around us that are not invested in our future or even their opinion of us.  We are working hard to be better and we are making strides to get to where we want to be in life and accomplish our goals.  That random uninvested person should not have any power in our lives and certainly should not have authority enough in our lives to ruin our day or week with words they just toss out with no thought.  

Our mouths can be weapons and inflict massive damage if we are not careful

Words are cheap, they are easy to say and when people spout them out at you like liquid fire you need to be a fireproof wall!  If you struggle with being the person speaking badly to people you should check out my previous post on controlling your words here and try to make it a personal goal to work on that.  Everyone’s life matters, even if you don’t get along with them and even if you disagree with them.  There is no reason to be mean and try to wreck their lives with your words. Focus on yourself and how you can be better!

Your self worth is not found in what other people think of you, it’s there no matter what!

Ultimately, you know who you are and who you are trying to be.  You know the goals you have and the life you are working towards having.  You know and you are putting in the hard work and time to get there. They can say whatever they want but it does not change who you know you are and what you are working towards.  You are worth more than they know and you have value in this life beyond anything that anyone could say about you. Read this post if you need a reminder of that but do not let anyone take that away from you and keep moving towards being a better you no matter what anyone says!

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