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I post a lot about things that I know I often need to work on and a few things that you might need some work on too.  Today I really wanted to take a moment and let you know that you matter! You do, really! You may not feel that you do, and you may even have a whole bunch of people in your life telling you that you do not matter but I am letting you know that none of that is true!  It is definitely a lie and not something that you should even let take root in your life. Sometimes we have the bad habit in life of listening to people we shouldn’t. We give more power to the negative voices in our life than we ever should.

It’s time to cut out the people in your life that are lying to you about who you are

It’s definitely a good thing to listen to people that are going to help you be a better person or help you head towards accomplishing your goals but if they are speaking lies to you it’s time to move on and wash yourself of that voice.  It may be hard to convey that you matter in text through a computer or phone screen but I really truly mean it when I say you matter. No matter what your circumstances or where you come from in life, you matter. Regardless of the choices you have made in the past, or any bad decisions you may have made you still matter.  Yes, you matter…did you get that?

Try to find out where the lie started in your life and overcome it, get some professional help if you need it because you matter!

If you feel like you don’t matter or that your life is not worth much I want you to just think about why you feel that way.  Really think back and maybe even pick out a situation that occurred that initially caused you to feel that way. Did someone hurt or abuse you at some point in your past?  Did someone tell you something was your fault when it wasn’t? Were you repeatedly told that you were not good enough? What painful circumstance lead to you feeling worthless?  If you can figure that out, then tell yourself the opposite of what occurred in that situation and keep working on that truth . If you can’t figure out the root then tell yourself you are worthwhile and that you are valued. Repeat that over in over and in every situation until you believe it!  maybe it might be a good idea to find a counselor and talk through the situation with them, a good counselor could really change your life!

You are valuable and important in this life, you have a purpose!

I don’t even know you and yet I find value in your life.  I say that you are not worthless but you are worthy and even though I may not be an important part of your life or close to you it’s the truth!  Just let it soak in that someone really believes in you.  Where there is one person that believes in you then chances are that there are others, maybe you just don’t know it because they haven’t told you. Let’s try to speak the opposite of our past experiences or what was spoken over us that we are realizing is not true.  If you are still in some kind of an abusive or dangerous circumstance then definitely get away! Go to the police or someone that can shelter you and get help but get away from that. Your life is worth so much more than being someone’s punching bag or letting someone abuse you in any way.  Get out and get healthy!

Try to help someone else in their life and take the focus off yourself

If you are just flowing through life feeling worthless and don’t know why, just look around you and try to figure out how you can help someone else.  No matter how little it may be, reach out and help someone. Hold the door for someone, pay for someone’s lunch at a fast food restaurant, buy someone a coffee just do something nice to help someone out and hopefully you will see how that develops worth inside of you.  Giving to others is a sure way to feel worthy and to feel valued because whoever you are helping is going to have a big smile for you and be thankful you were there. Take that in, breath it and know you made a difference…even if it is only a small difference, you were valuable in someone’s life.  Then know you can do it again and again and make that a habit in your life. There is always someone worse off than us and there is always a way to give someone a helping hand. Take the focus off of yourself and your bad feeling about yourself and help your neighbor, I bet it would help!

The world is a better place because you are living in it…don’t ever forget it!

Really if all you get from the post is that you have value in this life and that I think you matter then please do not doubt that.  Do not let the lie creep back in that you are worthless. This world is a better place because you are in it and you just need to figure out how to remember that in life.  Start to remind yourself that you matter and see how you can help someone around you. Make a difference because you can in this world, because you matter!

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