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Why do we need friends to surround us?  We can do it on our own, we do not need anyone else!  This is definitely a lie and one that we often begin to believe at a young age and can even lead to unhealthy levels of pride.  Often the lie starts to take root when someone treats us badly or when we experience hurt due to other peoples actions or words and we equate that to friendship not being worth the trouble.  Don’t let the lie win out, don’t let it settle down in your heart because life is so much better when we surround ourselves with good people that genuinely care about us.

Friends Won’t Let You Take The Wrong Path

Friends can tell us when we are being stupid, and if you are anything like me that might happen a lot!  Friends can tell us when we need to rethink a decision or action in our life. We often are not able to do that for ourselves as we often get sunk so deep in whatever we are a part of that we can’t take a step back and honestly reassess the situation and our involvement in it.  If you have someone that you have given authority in your life and they genuinely care about you and your journey on the earth, they will quickly step up and let you know when they think you are heading down the wrong path. You can’t really get that anywhere else other than a close friendship.  A stranger you walk past on the road is not going to suddenly stop and let you know you might be going down the wrong path in life.

Friends can also help us keep moving towards accomplishing a goal we set for ourselves and can encourage us to keep moving when we feel like quitting.  When we have close friendships we can share these things with them and even ask them to keep us accountable to the journey we have tasked for ourselves.  You might be close to quitting or giving up on something you wanted to do and all a friend has to do is give you a little encouragement and you are back at it with as much energy as you had in the initial phases.  That’s the power of a friendship, a genuine caring honest friendship. When we isolate ourselves we really miss out on that encouragement and strength that only a close friend can give us.

Friends Can Challenge Us

Another thing a friend can do for us is to challenge us to be better, challenge us to move forward in life and not be stagnant.  Without someone pushing us on we can sometimes get a little lazy and fall into the old habit of just living life to get through the day or week.  Just living to make it to the weekend…friends won’t let you live like that because that is not really living! What do you want to accomplish, what you want to succeed in?  Start moving towards that and now you are living the best life you can! A friend can help you get started on the journey or at least stay motivated once you have started towards your goal.

I have lived my life at different times both without any close friends and with close friends and I will never go back to not having at least one or 2 close friends that I have given full authority to speak into my life.  They give me life and help me to live it to the fullest. They help me accomplish the impossible and help me become the person I have always wanted to be or even the person I didn’t know I should be until they let me know.  Without the friends I have now my life would look much different and would seriously not be half as good as it is. I would be a much different man and my priorities would be on things that do not help me or my family or those around me.  You were not meant to live this life alone, you were not meant to be isolated and lonely. So get out there, find some good friends worthy of your friendship and give them authority to speak into your life and see how much your life begins to change, I double dog dare you!