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We live in the age of information.  There is a book or a website about everything and chances are if you are going through something or have a question about something then there is an answer out there for you.  Wisdom is powerful and can make a huge difference in the journey we are traveling. I have heard wisdom described as sweet like honey and I really like that description of wisdom.  Just like honey added to some food or drink can sweeten the taste, wisdom added to your life can sweeten it.

There is nothing new in this world…nothing

I want to go out on a limb and say that there is a pretty good chance that anything you will go through in life has already been experienced by someone else.  Somewhere in this world someone has dealt with every problem and roadblock imaginable and undoubtedly more than a few have been there before. I want to encourage you to remember that at times in your life when you feel alone, like the walls are closing in on you and life seems pretty hopeless.  Someone has been there, and there is a good chance that they have written about it in some form and that their writings contain wisdom that can help you through.

Sometimes bad wisdom fakes us out

There is a danger however in searching out wisdom.  Ultimately we are all just people who are imperfect and we all make mistakes.  Wisdom to one person may not be wisdom at all to you and sometimes people are just plain wrong about what they think wisdom even is!  I know I am sometimes and I will go down a path following what I think is wisdom only to find out it was total junk!

Involve others in your decisions,,,no need to live alone

It’s important to weigh out what appears to be wisdom and maybe even run it by a few people in your life that you can trust to make sure it actually is wisdom before you act on it.  It’s out there though, and it can help you if you choose to find it. Wisdom can give you hope for the future and a plan to get there, you just have to be open and teachable enough to search it out and learn.  

Sometimes we need to change something inside of us

Once you have made sure the wisdom you have found will help you then it’s time to act on it and that’s where being teachable comes in.  You have to be willing to recognize things about yourself that need to change and be willing to make those changes or else the wisdom you have found may not be able to help you.  

Often times wisdom we find speaks to changes we need to make in our character or personality more than to the actual situation we are in.  The secret is we are usually in whatever situation we are dealing with because of our character flaws. If you learn and grow to develop your character and become a better person there is a good chance that situation will not present itself again in your life.  

Find wisdom, find hope…you are not alone

Don’t forget, someone else has been there before and there is wisdom out there that can help you through whatever you are going through.  Know that you might have to make some changes in your life to apply the wisdom and be willing to recognize flaws within your character and make whatever adjustment is needed.  Find the wisdom out there that fits what your going through. Spend some time to weigh it out with others and ensure it is helpful and then take action on it. Don’t despair, don’t feel alone and don’t be afraid.  Sweeten your life with the honey of wisdom and have hope in your future, there is always hope!