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Sometimes we just need to make some changes…we are human afterall!

Today I want to tackle a subject that might be a little painful to some of us, and might be a really good eye opener to others.  How do we become a person that others want to be be around? Some of us might struggle with this, and you might even think to yourself, “why would I need to change myself for someone else?”  I would argue that’s what this life is all about, constant positive change and growth in your life is healthy.

The more deeply we can exam ourselves and be honest about what we find the more progress we can make

The more you are willing to learn about yourself and how your behavior and habits impact others the more successful you will be in many areas of life!  Keep in mind this is geared towards someone wanting to be make positive change in their lives and desire relationships that will have a positive impact on their life, and certainly not towards making changes in your life that are negative or that will drag you backwards in life.

If you want to be around people that are successful in an area you want to be successful in or around people that can help you make positive changes in your life then you might need to work on your own character and tweak a few things to become more desirable as a friend.  It goes both ways, just because you want to be around someone doesn’t always mean they want to be around you.  There might be some easy changes that could change that though.

Positive changes don’t have to be massive life changes, they can be small tweaks in our personalities

Now, let’s be perfectly clear that I am not saying that you need to change who you are at the core, that is unless you need to change who you are at the core….the reality is that only you know yourself and only you can decide how much of who you are needs to change.  If you are living a life of secrets (I recently posted on that here)  and you can’t share a large part of your life with people around you it might be time for some soul searching and change.    

Be willing to admit your faults, otherwise getting better will be so much harder

Some of us might need to look deeper at ourselves than others but I think the main point is that you need to be willing to take a look at yourself, your character and your behaviour and honestly make a decision if you need to make some positive changes to get where you want to be in life.  Having the willingness to admit something needs to change in ourselves might be a difficult change for some but I believe it to be a very important skill to learn if you want to move forward in your life and achieve some of the goals that you have set in your life. The intention is not to say that you should conform yourself to some group of people to be more desirable to them but to adopt a willingness to see things about your behavior or character that may be ripe for changing to make you an overall better person.  

Positive changes in your life will affect those around you in positive ways

When we become better people we start to become someone that others want to be around.  When you are working towards being a better person and working towards solid, positive goals in life you become someone very desirable to spend time with and other people will naturally want to learn from you and duplicate your success.  

Involve people you trust in the process, let them speak into your life

Some good steps to do this might include talking to some trustworthy individuals (Here is a post on what they look like) who you want to be more like and inviting them to be open and honest with you.  Let them give you some constructive criticism about yourself and think about what they say. Ask them what you might need to work on to be a better friend or person and be open to accepting their feedback.  There is no reason we need to be stuck as who we are right now, we can get better, and we need to be willing to do that. Spend some time being introspective, ask a friend and look at yourself and think about what changes might make you a better person.  Better for you and better for those you want to be around. You can do this, you can grow!

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