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Change can be so difficult.  Change can shake us to our core and throw our lives into a tailspin that makes us feel like we will never recover from.  Change can be unexpected and sudden or happen in small increments over time. Many times it is difficult and unwelcome and other times it can be something we choose.  Either way I would argue that although change can be much more difficult than just doing the same thing all the time, in the end a lot of change can be good for us. After all, if we just did the same thing all the time and never experienced change our lives would be pretty boring.

What fun would life be if we were the same all the time?  At the core of who we are as humans I believe we are always seeking new things and experiences.  This can lead us down a road filled with many bumps and bruises or it can lead us down a road filled with positive changes and life experiences that make us a better person and can even fulfill us.  The first thing is to obviously choose the good road filled with positive change and not go down the road filled with bumps and bruises. Sounds easy right? Well, life can be so confusing at times that it’s not always so clear.  It’s important to have a direction you want to move that is positive in your life and to have the support of a few people in your life you can trust. Some friends that can make sure you are really moving in a positive direction for your life and can help support the decisions you are making to get there.  With that in mind it’s time to embrace change and start moving towards your goals and the person you want to be.

Something to keep in mind is that often times change catches up to us whether we want it to or not.  If you are making some bad choices in life and going down that bumpy road, eventually that lifestyle will catch up to you and then change will be forced upon you.  It is much healthier to make changes in your life on your terms and have an end result that you can look forward to instead of letting bad choices build up and force change upon you.  When we move towards the goals we set making changes to ourselves and our lives as we go those changes will in the end help us achieve what we are headed towards. Your character will start to align with who you need to be to accomplish those goals.  When we make a series of bad decisions that then force us to make changes through some kind of disciplinary actions that change will often not be comfortable and we often struggle to make the change until we have been corrected many times..

There are always natural consequences to the decisions in life that we make and I for one always want to make choices that lead to positive consequences.  I obviously realize that no one can be perfect and everyone of us will inevitably go through some things that lead to consequences that contain discipline in our lives.  The idea is to learn from these consequences and not repeat them, to move on through life always keeping those consequence and lessons learned in mind so that you do not repeat the same behavior or action again.  So many people in life continue to have the same habits and friends that consistently lead to negative consequences and some form of discipline in their lives. When they do not learn their lesson the discipline gets harder and harder to handle and more difficult to recover from.  

Do not be someone who does not learn from the consequences in your life, be intentional with where you are heading and what you are focusing on and think of change as a positive experience.  This can be much easier when you create the change in your own life according to the well laid out plan and goals you are working towards. The better choices you make, the easier to manage the change will be and the more it will refine you into who you are meant to be.  Make sure to invite a good friend in to help you work on yourself and make the changes you need, and be open to opportunities to change things in your life. Who knows, the next opportunity around the corner might be your best decision yet but if you weren’t open to the possibility of change you might have never known.