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Listen friends, life is really really difficult.  There will always be trouble, struggle and hardship on earth it’s really just a part of the deal.  My family and I have really been going through a tough time of struggling with health and it is not fun to be fighting every day just to make it through and hoping just to get to the next day still breathing.

The journey is worth the pain of the struggle

Sometimes the struggle really stinks, I know it and no one wants to struggle and push all their lives.  But let me tell you that it is worth it when in the end you look back and see your accomplishments and hopefully the impact you made on those around you, it is worth it!  When you hear well done and feel like you accomplished something important it will all be worth it.

Nothing can stop you, know you are powerful

You have more strength than you could ever imagine and you are able to get through tough circumstances and shove boulders out of your path.  You are an overcomer and you can absolutely get through times of trouble, you just have to be willing to not quit. When you have a positive, life changing goal in front of you and the path to it is covered in rocks, rivers, canyons and any other possible pitfalls..don’t run from it, run through it!  

Overcoming hardship helps develope our character

That is really part of any journey, getting through all the barriers in your way and learning more about yourself every step of the way.  You will become a stronger person through all the circumstances you overcome. If you short circuit the hard path ahead and take the easy path you will not gain the wisdom and strength that you might have been able to achieve.  

All goals take hard work, no matter how small

If you want to run a marathon you better believe there is going to be some pain during your training and really any life goal is pretty much the same. You may not be running but you will be working hard, smashing through barriers and developing your character every single step of the way.  

In order to get better we have to be refined by our struggles

Don’t skip the hard stuff, don’t turn the other way, push through the pain and be better for it.  I always liken going through hard times as gold going through a furnace to become more pure and perfect on the other side.  If the gold does not get heated up and melted it will not be separated from the junk that is mixed in with it. (Here’s an interesting video on the process)  Once it is good and hot you can separate out the junk and out the other side comes pure beautiful and expensive gold.  Wouldn’t you rather be shiny expensive gold than dull, dirty, gold mixed with a bunch of junk that is not beneficial to your value?  That is what overcoming diversity and trouble in our lives does for us, it makes us better.

Having good people around can help you get where you’re headed

I know it’s hard to keep going sometimes, I know this life can really kick our butt sometimes.  But if you push through and achieve that goal in front of you all the trouble will be worth it! The character you build through the process will be with you for the rest of your life.  Get some mentors to guide you, friends to keep you accountable and get your momentum going and pretty soon you will be through the other side and looking shiny!

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