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Anyone else feel like getting started on a goal or project is the hardest part?  Once you get going it is way easier to keep going and accomplish what you have set out for yourself.  Say you want to vacuum the house, but the vacuum is way down in the basement and you are upstairs laying in your bed.  Most people might struggle to get going, to get out of bed and go get the vacuum out of the basement. Once you get that first leg thrown out of bed and start standing up its gets easier from there.  Say you want to work out, what’s the toughest part? Getting your workout clothes on and lacing up those shoes and just getting started. Once you get moving, you have given yourself some momentum and the rest of the process can pretty quickly and easily fall into place.  

I would say that many people underestimate the power of momentum on their goals in life.  There have been countless books written on the benefits of gaining momentum and keeping it when trying to accomplish things in our life.  Lets simplify it and understand the concept. Say you have a large boulder sitting at the top of a steep hill. Your goal is to push it down to the bottom, what’s the most difficult part of that process?  Getting it started! You can try to give it a light push and you will quickly realize that you need to give it a little more muscle than that to get it rolling. Like many people working towards a goal in their life they might try just a little, or give it a little effort but when they find its hard to get it going or forward progress gets a little difficult, they quickly give up.  You might not even realize that you were so close to getting momentum, so close to giving that boulder the first nudge down the hill and that it would have gotten easier after that.

Keep at it, push harder, strain and shove that boulder until it starts rolling down that hill.  Once it’s rolling it will be so much harder to get it to stop. Once you have met your goal of working out for a few weeks, it gets much easier to put your shoes on and get yourself moving because you have momentum behind you.  Once you start sending resumes out to the companies you have wanted to work for for so long, it gets easier to keep it up and start making those phone calls and working through the steps you know you need to complete to accomplish whatever your goal is.  

Ultimately, it is so important to not give up before you get moving. Don’t sabotage yourself before you gain the benefit of momentum moving you forward.  Be the boulder rolling down the hill, smashing all the barriers out of the way and not letting anything get in your way. As long as you have a positive goal in front of you and momentum behind you then there shouldn’t be many reasons you won’t be able to accomplish it!  That is not to say you don’t have some hard work in front of you. Any goal worth accomplishing will be tough work, but you can do it. You can get there and your momentum can help!