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Can we agree on one thing?  Can we agree that every person in this world has their own story?  And in my mind there is an almost 100% chance that their story contains as much if not more tough stuff than good stuff?  If we can agree on that, then this next life skill should be pretty easy to master. Stay out of other people’s business!

Knowing Something About Someone Doesn’t Mean You Need To Share It

Sounds easy right?  Well, in today’s age of instant access to everyone’s business around you it might be a bit tougher than you think.  I am not saying don’t be aware of what is happening with those around you I am simply saying stay out of their business.  Don’t be talking with 10 friends about what that 1 other friend just did or didn’t do and gossiping with anyone that will listen about the people surrounding you.  When you talk badly about someone else you are assuming that you know their entire story and I will bet that you probably don’t know everything there is to know about them or the situation.  Chances are they have been through things you know nothing about and have struggles in their life that you are clueless about. Those situations we all go through that shape us into the individuals we are today that can be bad or good.

Do Not Assume You Know Everyone’s Life Story

So don’t assume you know someone’s entire story, and that means don’t talk about them in a negative way when they are not around.  If you have something to say to someone then say it to their face and try to say it in a caring manner that does not attempt to destroy them behind their backs.  If you can’t say it to their face then you shouldn’t be talking about it behind their back and blabbing their business to everyone you know. That kind of behavior just gets us in some kind of trouble since sooner or later they find out about what was said and they might even find out who said it.  

The Consequences might Really Affect You

At the least you might wreck their day and make them feel bad or they might come after you wondering why you have been talking about them in that way. In the end I can promise you it will not be worth the little attention you got in the moment talking about them.  Find positive, life giving things to talk about, don’t use someone else’s diversity to create a spotlight on you. Think before you speak and decide if what you are thinking about saying will negatively affect someone.  If it will, don’t say it!

Surround Yourself With People You Want To Be Like

I am even going to go a step farther and mention that if you are surrounding yourself with people that gossip and enjoy hearing gossip then you are probably inviting a bad situation into your life.  I am going to go ahead and assume that you probably have enough junk in life that you might not want to invite more in, we all have enough to deal with in life already.  So take the steps that you can take to cut junk like gossip and people that gossip out of your life. No one needs more drama, we need more people accomplishing their goals and getting to where they want to get in life.  Be the bigger person, stop the gossip and move on from a conversation or relationship that tries to drag you back in.  Be the person everyone can rely on and don’t get into other people’s business.  Just get away from drama and get to work on what matters, your own life!