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Maybe it’s cliche, but sometimes we just have to smile!

Seriously, it probably sounds pretty cheesy that I am writing a post on needing to smile but really I believe it can make a big difference in your life.  It really goes beyond just smiling and is actually about seeing the positive in whatever situation you find yourself in. There is always something you can smile about, if everything is bad, smile that you are still breathing, find that thing you can smile about no matter what your situation is.  

Find the positive, look for it instead of looking for the negatives

When you are able to focus on something positive in any bad situation you will find strength that you didn’t know you had.  You will be able to make it through tough situations and come out the other side a better, stronger person. When you are going through tough times you have a few options in the moment that will really make a difference in how the situation turns out, you can either choose to focus on something positive or you can sink into whatever tough situation you are in and just give in.

Sinking into bad circumstances saps your strength and resolve to move forward

Usually when you let yourself sink into whatever bad circumstances you’re going through you start to lose yourself and lose whatever hope you might have had.  Think about it, there are so many good things in our lives that even one bad situation or a string of bad situations can’t possibly erase all of the good in our lives   There is always something positive to focus on, even if it’s as simple as just the fact that you are still breathing!

Moving forward means finding the reason to do it

Letting the bad circumstances take over can really take away your strength to fight it and certainly won’t help you move forward or move out of whatever situation you are in.  Take a few moments to clear your head and think of the positive parts of your life, the things that will keep you moving forward and not let you quit. When my back is hurting bad and all I want to do is lay around in bed all day I think of my family.  My kids who need me to be their dad and sit and play legos with them. For them I will press on and keep fighting.

Dig deep, don’t give up and push through!

We all need to dig deep when we are dealing with adversity, dig deep and find that thing that can still make us smile, that can keep some amount of positivity in our lives.  If you can do that you will find out that you can accomplish so much more than you ever thought even when it’s tough. You will realize you are stronger than you ever imagined and that you can handle more than you ever thought possible.  So dig deep down, find your smile and your strength.

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