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Saying things like, “I am going to slow down” or “i’m going to have a lazy day” is often easier said than done these days.  Before you know it you are organizing your closet or cleaning your house or running errands or scheduling things with friends or family.  All of these things are necessary and important in life but sometimes you just need to not be busy and be ok with it. You are busy enough already and need to let the pressure off every now and again.  Kick back with a good book, relax in a hammock(my favorite activity) or just have a seat and do nothing for a bit.

Slowing Down in life for awhile is ok!

Life is so full of things to do and places to go that we have to remember to slow down once in awhile.  Recharge your batteries and remember what it’s like to just relax.  Don’t get sidetracked by your to do list or needy friends or family that want you around them all the time.  Say no and just be by yourself and do nothing.

Having everything and everyone available at our fingertips makes our free time not so free

Being alone and doing nothing today really is a rarity with all the different ways to connect with people at our fingertips. We are usually spending our free time scrolling through something or chatting electronically with someone or sending videos somewhere.  Put the phone down, spend some time by yourself and maybe even be bored for a while. Being bored and not having someone or something in your face distracting you is healthy and might even get you thinking a little.

Your brain is amazing, and who knows what it will think of if you just let it wander a little

That’s something that I think a lot of us are really missing out on in this distracted life.  Just sitting and thinking about things, letting our brains explore our lives and our plans and future.  When you let your brain just kind of wander around it’s pretty amazing at the things it will come up with.  

Make sure to keep your focus on good things, not worry and fear

You of course need to be careful that you don’t let it wander into a bad place or settle on worries or fear but with a little bit of self control you can lead it down a better path.  Before you know it you might be thinking about your future and planning things out and maybe laughing about some past event that you are remembering. It’s really an amazing thing the brain, so filled with knowledge and memories and just waiting to be cut loose and allowed to roam a little.

Be bored…and alone every once and awhile…you might actually like it!

Give it a try, let yourself be bored, give yourself some time to be alone and distraction free and see what happens.  I am betting that you will be pleasantly surprised at what your brain comes up with and how enjoyable you will find a little bit of quiet time away from everything.  I prefer to have my quiet time out in the woods in a hammock, or floating in a canoe down a river with a fishing rod and some warm sunlight. So find your space and find your peace and let your brain go…I dare you!

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