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This is a big skill, one that can really change our lives and make a difference in what happens in our life.  Self control is something that we all need and I believe the whole world needs a good dose of right now. It’s like a muscle that we need to continually exercise to make it stronger and more effective in our lives.  Without self control, the path we travel can be more difficult than necessary and even filled with disappointment.

Lack Of Self Control Leads To Bad Decision Making

When we lack self control we make bad decisions and we create unnecessary problems for ourselves and those around us.  We get ourselves in trouble and make ridiculous choices that can affect us for the rest of our lives. We say things we shouldn’t and we get into other peoples business that it should be clear we need to steer clear of.  Our emotions often control our behavior and we lack the control to live any other way.  

Self Control Is The Beginning Of Wisdom

When we do exercise self control we gain wisdom, we make good choices that are positive for our lives and we can even make a difference in this world and in the lives of those around us.  Self control can set you apart at school or work and self control can make a good relationship even better. It is good for your health and your finances and can even be passed on to your children.  Really there is nothing negative about a healthy amount of self control in anyone’s life.

The More You Exercise Self Control The More You Will Be Prepared For The Big Events In Life

Exercising self control can start small and get stronger the more you exercise it.  Start with saying no to the second portion of dinner, or the desert afterwards.  Start with saying no to skipping out on class, or going to that big college drinking party that ends up getting busted by the cops.  Decide to not start that fight over a small thing with someone in your life and decide to overlook something that offends you.  Start to grow your self control muscle.  

You Can Make The Right Choices, You Can Have Self Control

Use it on a daily basis and make it strong in the small moments for when those big situations come up in life.  then you will have the strength to make the right decision and take the right action.  When a co-worker offers you a cut of the money they are stealing from your company, when the person your not in a relationship with confesses their love to you.  When a family member or friend does something that offends you you will be able to make the right choice.

You Will See The Benefits In Life Of Having Self Control

Be strong, do the right thing and you will see the benefits start to roll in, areas of your life will get better and decisions will become easier.  At some point, things in this life might just start to make some sense.  If a big majority of us just started exercising self control in our lives I truly believe the world would start changing for the better little by little. You can do it, you can make the right choice and you can change your reality and you really do have the strength to make a difference, you just need to make the choice.