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I wanted to write this post to communicate just what the potential of Finding Your True is and why I started it.  I want to give you a piece of the heart I have for people and the desire I have to see us all be better in this life.  When I close my eyes and think of a place I would love to spend my life it is filled with people who care about each other and go out of their way to take care of those that need it.  It contains an abundance of opportunity for everyone and an equal chance to succeed. I see people who are supported by groups of close intimate friendships and romantic relationships filled with mutual respect and long term planning.  I see people making good decisions based on the input of many trusted people and using their success in life to pull others up with them.

Sounds nice doesn’t it?  Sounds like a place I would love to live in.  It does not however, sound like the place we actually live in.  Everywhere I look seems to be filled with broken people hurting with nowhere to turn and no one to help them.  I see people making rushed decisions with no input that often leads to disaster in their lives. I see people lashing out at those around them wanting to harm as much as they have been harmed.  So many of us have no idea how to escape the life that they have ended up living and may not even think it possible to live better than they are.

I believe that every single person has limitless potential inside of them.  Potential that can only grow and thrive if it is harnessed and nurtured into existence.  Given a safe environment and a group of encouraging people, I believe every one of us could change the world in some small way.  Potential like that takes time and attention to grow, much like any plant you might want to grow. Like a plant requires water and sunlight, the potential inside each of us needs encouragement and wisdom from those around us.  With the right care and attention we can be better, we can grow and we can thrive to expand the abilities that are inside of each one of us.

Although it may not seem like much, I believe that this blog can be a part of that.  I believe that every little step we take towards being better as individuals will help us and those around us reach towards our potential.  Every time I post it is one little step, one more nudge towards being the best we can be. If any of my posts have helped you in any way, share it with someone else that might benefit as well.  I want to make this world a better place and I believe together we can all accomplish that. That’s what Finding Your True means to me.    

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