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Did you never grow out of kicking and screaming to get whatever you want, did you never learn to be patient?  Like the kid at the grocery story begging for that candy bar in the checkout line?  You know with snot and tears everywhere?  Well, it’s definitely time to grow up and figure out some different ways of getting what you want.  Yelling, screaming, fighting and arguing might work from time to time but you will just end up looking like a child.  All parents deal with that with their children but the problem is that many adults think that is the way we should act to get what we want and seem to not have learned that it doesn’t really work!

What we want is not always what we need

According to the dictionary, patient is defined as: bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint and not hasty or impetuous (which means impulsive).  Are you any of those things or are you like a kid that kicks and screams their way through the trials of life waiting to get exactly what they want?  Here’s a not so secret secret…often times what we want is the opposite of what we need anyways!  If a kid in the grocery store got all the candy they say they wanted they would be sick for weeks!  We need to all learn the same lesson as adults, what we want is sometimes not what we need.

Sometimes there is a lesson to be learned in the waiting

If we don’t exercise patience through a situation we will miss the lesson to be learned and we will often miss the better thing for our lives.  We so often get blinded by what we think we need in the moment we forget there might be something better out there waiting for us.

Did you forget some lessons from when you were younger?

When we were children we are supposed to learn our lesson and grow more mature and I am sorry but more than a few of us adults seem to have missed that learning curve.  Patience will always win out over rash behavior and quick actions in most serious life situations.  When you are trying to change a situation or get something you want patience will always win, for both you and those around you because let’s be honest, who wants to be around the screaming kid in the grocery store line?

Sometimes acting quickly doesn’t allow us to truly understand a situation

There is a time and a place for quick action and maybe even some yelling but not in every situation.  Through patience, perspectives may be changed and sometimes the situation works itself out in a better way than we could have ever planned.  We just need to remember that it is usually not instantaneous.  There is joy in waiting and exercising patience, even in a tough time in our lives.  We find joy as we begin to learn new things about ourselves and the situation that quick action would have covered up.

Being more patient will make people want to be around you

Usually when we are trying to rush through anything in life we forget to care about those around us, you know like the kid in the grocery store?  That kid does not care whose ears he hurts or who he kicks while he is screaming.  We certainly don’t want to be friends with someone like that who bulldozes everyone around them at the slightest hint of trouble in their lives.  If that’s you then its time to rethink how we act when we can’t instantly get what we want.  It’s time to enjoy the journey through this life and be patient with people and situations.

Challenge accepted?

Having patience will go a long way in helping smooth out this bumpy journey through life and it’s going to make you a more desirable person to spend time with.  Finding meaningful friends and relationships will be easier because you will be the steady one people want in their lives, not the screaming kid kicking their way through situations.  I think that’s a challenge worth undertaking and I think we can all do a little better starting now, what do you think?

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