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Living a life of honesty and openness is freeing and light. Without secrets hidden inside and lies built up around you, you can be free! People who live a life with deceit and dishonesty need to keep their walls up and need to keep a mask on so that their lies are not found by those around them. We all know someone who is not always honest and when you know you are being lied to it is not pleasant and certainly doesn’t feel good. On the other hand when you are with people that are honest with you and tell the truth it is incredibly refreshing ands leads to deeper relationship.

Be Honest, But Control Your Words

Honesty can go too far and become rude and blunt. We definitely need to control what comes out of our mouths in a way that we can be honest but not at the sake of being nice to those around us. It is easy to slip into a dishonest lifestyle in this world as so many of us scramble through life trying to keep up with everyone around them. So many feel they need to be deceitful or dishonest to appear more in control or better off than they actually are. It’s not worth it! If someone is not going to be your friend or like you for who you really are it’s not worth lying or making yourself appear to be something you are not just to get them to like you.

The More You Lie, The More You Have To Lie

The more you lie and tell half truths the more you will need to protect those lies and create newer and bigger ones to cover those ones up. It certainly does not lead you anywhere that you want to be! Lies definitely have a habit of coming out into the open and that often happens when you least expect them to, or least want them to. When the lies do come out then everything you may have gained by lying is lost and possibly more! You definitely would have been better off just being honest from the start and gaining what you wanted through your hard work and perseverance.

The Difficulty of Changing The Way You Live Is Worth The Outcome

Honesty might be a chore to start for some, especially if you have lead a life of deceit until now but just like so many things worth doing the more you practice it the easier it will become. In the long run you are going to be much happier and better off and way less stressed than you might have been otherwise.