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A big question I am sure you are asking yourself as we go through this series about integrity may be, “Is it possible to live a life of integrity and have every action and decision be one made with integrity?”  I want to say it’s definitely possible with some good habits in place!!. I have personally not reached that stage myself and I think that’s the key to remember.  It’s a lifelong journey that we can join and work together to achieve.

Living with integrity gets easier the more you practice it

The good news is that the steps get easier and easier the more you practice living with integrity and the more used to making good decisions you are.  There is an initial learning curve that is pretty big depending on where you are right now in life and then the curve starts to get less drastic and things are easier to achieve.  See my series about momentum here to learn a little more about the power of momentum but it really is a huge help once you get rolling in the right direction.

Fully committing to a journey towards the best version of yourself means you might hit some speedbumps

Once you are on the journey and committed to being a better you, and once you have started making decisions based on integrity as well as putting good habits and practices in place it will be hard to stop your progress.  That doesn’t mean from time to time you won’t mess up and make a bad decision or act in a way that is not in line with the behavior you now expect out of yourself. Always remember that you are human and as I have said many times, no one can be perfect, not one of us. As long as we remember that then a small mistake will not derail us and destroy the progress we have already made

We are all human, we all make mistakes and it’s ok…You can overcome them!

The good news is that when you slip up there is a really good chance that it won’t be a big slip up, it will be a minor bump in the road that you will be able to quickly recognize and correct.  Once you recognize it you can quickly move to overcome it make the situation right and move on with your life. Remembering that we all make mistakes is important, because then you will not sit and think about your slip up and hyperfocus on it.  You will bounce back quickly and get on with the race, get on with winning and achieving what you set out to do using the good habits you have set in place. Remember this is a journey for all of us, we are all training for the race and we all hit speed bumps. Pick yourself up, keep going and do not quit.  

The pinch zoom method of looking at your life can really give you perspective

One important exercise I try to remember is to look at the big picture of my life.  A good friend of mine calls this the pinch-zoom perspective and it entails zooming out like you would on a phone or a tablet and getting the high level view of your life.  Yes you may have slipped up but look at where you have come from! Look at that progress and take a little pride in your achievements.  If you are truly on this journey then you are better off than where you started and that’s what matters…forward progress.  So get back out there get back on the path of integrity and make some progress, you got this!

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