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Today I sit at work and I look out the window and I cannot see anything beyond the parking lot directly below my window and a little bit of the street beyond because of a thick oppressive fog.  Normally at this time in the morning I would see the Minneapolis skyline bathed in red, pink, orange, purple and all the colors that normally come with a beautiful sunrise. Today I just see gray, lifeless fog without beauty.  Do I know the sunrise is still there? You bet I do but I certainly don’t feel like it is there. I do not get the same sense of wonder and awe at the beauty that I normally feel. I just feel cold and gray inside.  

Things In My Life Seem Pretty Foggy Right Now

That is how we often look at our lives, we simply can’t see the beauty through the gray.  In my life right now this is a real struggle at times. I have been plagued by lower back issues for about 5 months now and the symptoms come and go pretty regularly but they never fully leave.  Getting out of bed is a chore and lifting my kids up for a hug is often not possible. I love nothing more than throwing on my shoes and heading outside to take a nice long run, yet I have been unable to the run at all this entire summer.  Sometimes I want to scream because of the pain and sometimes I want to cry but I always hurt. Things seem pretty foggy in my life right now.

No Matter What Our Situation Is, There is Beauty All Around Us

What I need to remind myself every waking moment is that there is still so much beauty to be found all around me.  I have 2 beautiful intelligent children, I have a wife that loves me and I have friends and family that care deeply about me.  Lets go even deeper because I feel like there is someone reading this that needs to understand a deeper level of beauty in their lives right now, maybe this is all you have.  We have a heart that is strong and keeps on working, We have air to breathe and legs to walk on. We have clean water to drink and hopefully food when we need it. No matter what your circumstance there is someone that cares about you and will help you if you will ask for it.  There is an entire world filled with beauty in our lives right now as you read this.

We All Need To Check Our Perspective

It’s all about shifting your perspective.  What am we going to sit and focus on? Are we going to just think about all the things we hate about our life right now?  Are we going to think about all the things that are not going how we want them to right now? We could very easily focus on those things and we would immediately sink down into a deep cavern of depression and anxiety…but do we really want to live like that?  We know there is beauty beyond the struggle and the pain, it’s out there…but can we feel that beauty? Are we even trying?

Just take a few minutes right now wherever you are and close your eyes.  Think of the beauty in your life…no matter how small and insignificant it may seem.  The world might laugh at the beauty you find in your life, afterall it may not be a super yacht in the mediterranean or a mansion in California or a Bentley cruising on the streets but what matters is that is beauty to you.  Just tune the world our and think about it. Let it really soak in that you have immense amounts of beauty in your life. Are you breathing? Can you walk or ride or run? Does someone care about you? There is a sunrise out there, you just have to let yourself explore it through the fog.  

Friends, this life is way too short to simply focus on what we wish we had or what we wish we were not dealing with.  Focus instead on the beauty and let it take your breath away. Let it remind you that this life is worth living. This life is worth fighting for.  Keep breathing and push through the fog, eventually the sun will shine and hope will be found. If you need some help finding the beauty let me know, I am here for you.