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Let’s be real, this life can be a chore sometimes. My 9 year old son looked at me as he emptied the dishwasher after school the other day and said, “Dad sometimes I just like doing my chore.” I just kind of chuckled at the time but later as I thought about it more I realized that’s a really good picture of my life and maybe yours right now too. This life sure can be a chore, feeling like we are just going through the motions and getting it over with.

People around us deserve to not be treated like chores

I really hate the times that I live my life like a chore. When I am just trying to make it through the day or the week and I am not enjoying it. I don’t want to live like that and my family doesn’t deserve a dad or husband that is just trying to get through the day or just trying to get through an interaction with them. They deserve the me that is filled with the joy of life and the love for them that fills up their soul and feeds who they are. The dad that will talk to them as long as they want and play as many games with them as they want. The husband that will listen attentively to his wifes every concern and thought on every topic running around her mind. That’s who I want to be in this world, that’s who I want to be every day.

Should our short term issues cause us to barely live our lives?

I feel like I have been living my life like it’s a chore now for awhile now. Just making it through the week and just trying to make it through interactions with everyone around me. I know I recently shared about the back problems I have been having and how I am working on choosing joy and purpose through it all and that is absolutely true. However, if I am making those choices but still treating life as a chore aren’t I just lying to myself? The answer is a resounding yes and that is a wakeup call to me. I want to choose joy and purpose but I am not living with that truth in my heart. I am fighting my pain and just getting through life.

There is a difference between short term pain and long term harm in our lives

Recently a Dr. I saw said there is a difference between hurt and harm. If I do something with my kids that causes me to feel pain because of my back that’s me hurting but in reality it’s not harming me in the long term, or causing additional health issues that will be lasting. So basically there is not a long term impact from that short term pain I feel in the moment. That really made me think again about the parallels of that statement into our lives. Am I living my life a certain way because of the hurts that are happening even though they should not be having long term impacts on my life? They hurt in the moment but they are not harming us in the long run.

We all have issues, what we need is people that are joyful and loving through it all

To live in this world surrounded by imperfect people who are all struggling with their own issues is to live in a world of pain, and often that pain lands in our life. Someone is mean or angry at us for no reason, or someone mistreats us for their own benefit. That hurts, but should it harm us? Should it affect our lives in such a way to make us live like life is a chore? It might be tough, and it might take us working on our forgiveness (I have a whole series on that here) but we can live our lives through the pain around us and still be filled with joy no matter what our circumstances are. I think that’s what this whole Finding Your True journey is all about, live life with purpose and joy through all the pain that surrounds us.

Do you want to join me and live life to its fullest instead of treating it like a chore?

I am commiting to not living my life like a chore no matter what happens in my body or around me. I am committing to loving those around me despite their issues and living with joy through any circumstance. Do you want to join me and work through this together? I bet we can do it and I bet we can come out on the best side of anything that crosses our path if we work at it together.

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