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People pursue all kinds of things in this world.  They are in pursuit of material things, money, relationship, feelings, fulfillment, experiences and the list could go on.  So many of the things that we pursue can be both good and bad for us. It really all depends on what you are pursuing as well as your intentions behind the pursuit.  

Pursuing things for the right reasons lead to good consequences

If you are in pursuit of relationships for only short term sexual gratification and not with the future in mind it might feel good in the moment but in the end it is not going to lead to long term soul fulfillment. Really, we are all pursuing something or someone and if we are doing it for the right reasons then it will benefit everyone involved.  If we are doing it for the wrong reasons it will lead to nothing but more heartache and hurt feelings and I know we could all say we don’t want anymore of that!

It’s a cliche, I know but money does not lead to happiness…unless you are helping others and making a difference with that money

Money is another good example of this.  If you are in pursuit of money simply to be rich and satisfy only your desires you might find yourself wealthy but see that it does not fulfill you and what you need as a person.  You might surround yourself with expensive things and other wealthy pretty people but in the end you might just feel alone and sad.

There are many examples of wealthy and famous people that are depressed and sad even though they have everything anyone could ever want.  Often times those with all the material things can be the ones hurting the most. It can be because the stuff and the relationships did not really fulfill what they truly needed and they did not realize it until it was too late.

Whatever you are in pursuit of…you will find

What you pursue is what you are going to find.  If you pursue relationships for long term quality connections then you will find that. When you pursue relationships only for sexual short term satisfaction then you will find that.  If you are in pursuit of money as a way to help people and better the lives of those around you then you will find that.  If you pursue money to buy more stuff and fill your lives with meaningless things then that’s exactly what you will find. Meaningless things and people that are superficial and only attached to you for what you can give them.

The true question is, what is going to fulfill your innermost needs as a person and what is going to leave you feeling empty, alone and sad?  Only you can truly answer that question and only you can truly define what you need but I hope you can ask yourself that question.  You might be surprised at the answer you get.

Let’s make a difference in this world and make someone’s life better…that’s what we need to pursue

I personally want to leave this life behind knowing that I made a difference both in my family and in the lives around me.  If that means I need to make more money to support that desire then I will find a way to make that happen. If I need to change something about my character to enable myself to be more generous and not just want empty stuff then I need to do that.

Having close friends that can speak into your life about your character is an important step in the process and I have a series of posts on the topic of friendships here.  Find people that will help lead you to be a better person and stick with them.  

If you really want fulfillment and happiness you will pursue things that lead to those mindsets.  If you pursue being a better person you will find it, and life will align in many ways that it may not have before.  I am even going to step way out and assure you that becoming a better person, caring about others before yourself, loving your neighbor and all the other things we all need to work on better will lead you to a life of prosperity and honor.  

Be in pursuit of a better you, and through that you will change lives

I hope I got the main point across that whatever you chase, whatever you pursue in life you will find.  So make it something good and worthwhile and become a better version of who you are now. We all have things we can grow in and in the end I am certain that the journey towards better will lead to more promising and fulfilling futures than just living life focused on pleasing ourselves and our often selfish desires.

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