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Once you have made some good progress and really started on your journey towards living a life of integrity you may find that at times it seems difficult to keep it up and continue on with the lifestyle of integrity.  Just like many of us there are going to be moments when you are tempted to step off the path, and tempted to go back to the old you or make a decision that is not made with integrity. We all deal with these temptations, but you can overcome them and I am going to help you!

Habits and the people around you will either help you win or help you fail…it’s your choice

The important thing is to create positive habits and consistently be around people that are living the lifestyle you want to live and doing it all with integrity.  Those steps are going to drastically reduce the amount of temptation that is going to come your way, which automatically will diminish the chance you have to make a wrong decision.  That’s step one on the path.

HALT is a helpful acronym for understanding how we react to situations

Step two is to be aware of yourself, your mood and general well being.  Have you heard the acronym HALT? It stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired and those are the main times that we as humans just plain old make bad decisions or give in to temptation.  In a moment when any of those things are true you will find it much more likely that we make bad decisions, start a fight or act without integrity. So we all need to pay attention to where we are emotionally, mentally and even physically.  If we can start to recognize the moments we’re heading towards a situation where HALT will come into play you need to do just what it says, HALT! Stop what you are doing, take care of the issue causing the root problem, eat something, take a nap, get together with a friend or find a way to control your anger.  Then you can move ahead with making a decision, or doing the activity in the right way instead of being influenced to make a bad decision. Be aware of where you are and how it will affect you.

Don’t fall back into old habits and friends that will pull you away from your journey

Step three is to be aware of who you are with and who you are spending time with.  You have maybe even made some big changes in your life and are moving towards a better you, don’t sabotage it by spending time with people who do not respect that, or who do not live the kind of lifestyle you want to be living.  Especially in the initial steps of change you may not be strong enough to handle it. It would be way too easy to just slip back into the old way of living and making decisions and just give up all that progress you have made. Don’t do it!  Stay focused and stay on the path you are traveling.

You want to WIN don’t you?  Life is like a race, and being the best you possible is one step on the way to winning

Step four is just to keep your eyes on the prize.  Think of this life as a race you are running, and that means you need to train and be disciplined because you want to win the prize at the end right?  You don’t want to come in 2nd place or 5th place, you want to win! How do you win the race of life you might ask? You win by being the best you that you can be, you don’t win by quitting and going back to your old lifestyle that was unfulfilling and made you unhappy.  Stay the course, train hard and win the race, I know you can do it and I know you can overcome any obstacle!

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