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Unfortunately self awareness is not something we hear a whole lot about these days.  We are told to please ourselves and follow our heart or emotions and do what makes us happy but we do not hear about self awareness.  Yet without self awareness we cannot even begin to head in the right direction or even know where we want to go. Our hearts can be deceived, and our emotions are often so far from reality it’s crazy.  What seems like a good thing to do in our hearts is actually the wrong direction to go. Following our hearts or emotions can have very negative effects on our relationships and even the plan in our life.  The effects can even last for years or generations.

Our Emotions Are Only Part Of The System We Need To Make Decisions

Yes, our heart and emotions are important, but they are only a part of a valuable system that can guide us onto the correct path.  The best path in life is often narrow, and there are not a whole lot of people that probably travel on it. It is a path filled with hard work and lots of steps that make us a better person.  The good path can allow us to focus on the people around us and help us to work towards making this world a better place.  Let’s travel that path, and let’s use all the parts of us to get there, not just one. Your heart needs to work with your mind and emotions and your experiences in lifeto help you navigate successfully and it all starts with self awareness.

If You Know Your Flaws You Can Make Sure They Dont Ruin You

What is self awareness even?  Well that’s easy to answer, it’s being aware of your self!  Paying attention to what your heart wants and what you mind and experience are telling you about what your heart wants.  Knowing your own personality and character traits that guide you to make certain decisions. It’s about knowing your flaws and when to change your behavior to fit what is happening around you.  If you can’t be self aware enough to see your flaws then how will you ever become a better person?  How will you create meaningful relationships and have an impact in this world?  We all have flaws and we all need to know what they are before they get us in trouble or cause our emotions to run away with our life.  

Work On Capturing Your Thoughts And Not Blindly Following Your Emotions

You need to be able to pay attention to your thoughts and behaviors and on a moment’s notice capture them before they express themselves through decisions and actions you take.  Being self aware means you are able to catch yourself before things happen so that you can exercise self control. They really go hand in hand. If you really want to be a better person and show personal growth and development you have to gain some self awareness so you can recognize the things that need to change so you can be a better person.  Also, having some solid friends to challenge you and be self aware for when you are not can help as well.  They can let you know things that you need to work on and times when you are headed down the wrong path in life.

You Heart and Emotions Are Right…Some Of The Time.  Know When To Follow Them And When To Not

So yes, follow your heart and do things that make you happy but be self aware enough to know when things your heart wants are really not a good idea, and let’s have the self control to not let the heart or our emotions rule our actions or reaction.  You are in control of how you act and the decisions you make so use all the parts to make a good decision, not just one!