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If you are pursuing something positive, and it will benefit you or those around you then quitting should not be an option. Personally I really believe that quitting and giving up on goals and dreams is a huge problem with so many people.  So many of us have good intentions and may even start out with a good plan to accomplish a goal but then we abandon it before completion or lose the motivation needed to get to the finish line. Often times we just get sidetracked and lose focus on what is in front of us because there is just too much other stuff going on in our lives.  

Stay focused on your goal no matter what is in front of you

How will we ever better ourselves or our situation if we can’t stay focused and accomplish something?  Many of us have a list of goals that keeps getting longer and we keep adding to it without being able to cross anything off!  How is that going to help anyone?

No Quitting!

Yeah it sure sounds tough to stop quitting things and, life might get a little more difficult.  You might hit some tough roadblocks but if it was easy then it probably wouldn’t even be worth doing anyways!  You know you are making some progress and getting somewhere when it gets tough. That seems to be a given in our world.  As long as you are working towards something positive and life changing then you can sure expect some rough patches along the way.  

Big goals lead to big roadblocks

Just when you think you are getting things together is when your car breaks down or you kid throws a tantrum or your parents or boss throw some crazy requirement at you  Don’t let it sway you from the importance of what you are doing, insteal let it remind you of the importance of pushing through and continuing on. In fact hitting the hard patches should make you want to get to the end even more, it should give you the fire deep down inside and the desire to finish strong because who doesn’t want to be a success through a pile of diversity?.  

No success story is easy, life is tough!

Stop quitting what you started!  I can’t say it enough, and I mean it.  You can do it! Check out this previous post here and read a little bit more about accomplishing goals if you need some help with that.  Just remember that when the going gets tough the tough get going. I know it’s an old cheesy saying but it’s so true, test it out and see how it works.  The more often you push through that diversity the easier pushing through it will get and the roadblocks along the way will not seem so daunting. No success story was ever written without some hardships along the way.  Yours won’t be either and the sooner you accept that truth the sooner you can push through and finish strong.

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