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Now its time to talk about how we can help others and how important it is to really pass friendship on to others.  Hopefully you have had some time to work on developing those friendships and making some good bonds with other trustworthy people that can challenge you and encourage you to keep moving forward. I want to stress that it is so important to have those connections to people around you. If you didn’t read my series on friendships please go back and check them out. They are a quick read and can help you out of the place of being isolated and alone in your life. After reading those and working on that skill come back and read this one again to see what’s next!

Your Invitation Could Change Someone’s Life

After you have some solid relationships in your life and you are feeling more supported and cared for it’s time to reach out and help someone else. This world is filled with lonely people who have very few people around them that are trustworthy and can encourage them. Why would we want to build that up in our lives and then just hold on to it selfishly? I know I don’t, I want to help those around me and one way you can do that is to invite them in. If you see someone around you that is showing the symptoms of loneliness and living in isolation, invite them in. Invite them to get together with you and a few friends and draw them into your friendships. You would not believe how powerful a personal invite can be to another person. Especially to someone who is feeling alone and isolated. Your one invitation could easily change the course of their life forever. I know it might be a little awkward to have a new person in your group of friends and it might throw off the balance a little bit but it will be worth it in the long run and you will be helping someone out.

Everyone Deserves To Have Reliable Solid Friendships

The awesome thing is that the new person you invite in could be your new best friend. You really don’t know until you give them a chance and let them into your life. People deserve a chance and they deserve to have some companionship in this life. They deserve to have someone care enough about them to check in with them regularly and ask if they need anything when times are tough. You have hopefully started to experience the benefits of that in your own life and now it’s time to pass it on to someone else. The best part of having something amazing is passing it to someone who doesn’t have it. That is when the joy sets in and you can feel great about the person you are becoming. So spread the love, invite someone in and give them a chance!