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Jealousy and envy lead us nowhere and result in nothing positive

The secret is…

Let me let you in on a secret…well maybe not a secret but definitely something we sometimes forget.  There will always be someone in your life that has it together better than you. There will always be someone with more money, more fancy things and a seemingly happier life than you.  Always, without fail…Always! Now that we got that truth out there and off our chest, now you can live your life and not worry about what others have or seem to have…right?

There might be some changes you need to make to keep your focus strong

Well, I think you can but it might be a little tougher than just doing it.  It might take a lot of focus, some life change and hard work on your part to shift your way of thinking.  It might mean taking your focus off of money and stuff and placing it in something that has actual meaning in life.  If you are living a life of jealousy and envy you will need to break the habit and replace it with healthier and more beneficial habits.  

Be proud of what others have and how hard they worked for it

Instead of wishing you had what others have build the habit of being proud of them for what they have accomplished or happy for what appears to be fulfilling them.  The quicker you can get to a mindset of, “good for them, they worked hard for that” then the quicker you will stop feeling bad for yourself because you don’t have what they have.

Don’t get sucked into the social media circus of wanting someone elses life

Plus, do you even really want what they have?  There was a recent study that showed people often do things they hadn’t originally planned on or maybe didn’t even want to do simply because they saw someone else have it or do it on social media.  That’s crazy! To think that seeing what others have could have that much power over your future plans and goals is pretty wild. Don’t get sucked into that kind of a mindset.  It’s great that the other person has what they have but you need to keep working towards your goals and dreams and not theirs.  

Comparing your life to someone elses leads to you not being fulfilled with your own journey

If you are constantly comparing your life to others and filled with jealousy and envy of them you will not even be fulfilled by accomplishing your goals and dreams because ultimately they are not the same as the other persons.  Keeping your eyes on other people’s lives will quickly take the joy out of your own. Try to be happy for them and then move back to working towards your own plan because that’s how we feel fulfilled..

Be zealous for what is on your heart, and for your journey

If you practice this you will feel more fulfilled and people around you will not have such an effect on your happiness and joy.  Be zealous for what is on your heart and not for what others have and work hard to be the person you want to be while making a difference in this world.  Keep your eyes set on the path laid out for YOU, not your neighbor. Remember there will always be someone else with more than you so jealousy and envy is just a never ending pit that leads to despair and feeling unfulfilled.  Keep your focus, keep on moving and don’t lose momentum!

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