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Continuing with my discussion on Integrity today I want to talk about how to obtain it in your life. This raises the question is it possible to obtain a personality trait that you don’t currently have? Can you change a part of who you are or strengthen a trait that you want to be better at? This is definitely the inherent question in how do you become a person of integrity. Just like anything else in our lives that we want to change it takes time and it takes some hard work. It takes setting a goal and sticking with it until you achieve the goal. I may repeat a bit of what I said in my previous posts on goals but I think it will be beneficial in the end.

It’s going to take some work, and might mean some big changes need to happen

We can’t wake up one morning and decide that we are going to be a person that lives a life of integrity and then suddenly boom it happens. Someone can’t just keep the same habits and friends and way of life and expect the change to just happen. We have to make some changes in our lives. Depending on where each of us is at right now it may either be really big changes or just a few small things here and there. Either way there will be some changes. Are you ready?

Be willing to notice things in your life that might need some attention…that’s step 1

That’s the first step, being ready to make some progress towards the person you want to be and towards the you that is better than who you are today. I am certainly not telling you that you need to change as that needs to be your decision and yours alone. If you don’t see a reason to change anything in your life then there is no sense tricking yourself into thinking you are becoming a better person. It takes honesty with yourself and those around you to be willing to admit that you need to make some changes in your life and that you need to make some changes to become a better person. Once you have reached that stage you can certainly start to move forward with your goal.

Quick steps to start working towards being who you are meant to be

Here are some quick steps you can take to start your journey towards living a life of integrity

  • Stop hanging around with people who have no integrity and start hanging around with people who do!
  • Make a decision each day to live with that integrity even though it’s hard work and if your not committed it will be much more difficult
  • Get a friend to keep you accountable to that goal and give them the authority to let you know when you mess up
  • Find areas in your life that you do not have integrity and make a tangible goal (make sure to let your friends know!) in how you will change that
  • Stick to it, keep going and do not give up!

Reliable firends that can challenge you to better will be a huge help

The more you work on this and the more reliable friends you include to help keep you accountable the easier and quicker you are going to see some changes. If you are hanging out with people that think stealing is not a big deal it’s time to move on and find some new people. Unless they are willing to go on this journey with you they are just going to hold you back and certainly make it a lot tougher than it needs to be. If you are trying to stop swearing so much it won’t help to be around people who swear all the time. I could go on and on with the examples but since you know yourself I am going to assume you get it and that you know the areas you want to work on.

Change will come, just step out of your comfort zone and get to work!

Step out of your comfort zone, get someone to keep you accountable and start living as the person you want to. I promise you, change will come just give it time and really try as hard as you can. If you are struggling to find areas you want to work on, head over to my subscribe page to sign up for my 7 day challenge and assessment tool to figure out some areas to focus on. Let’s take a step towards being better together!

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