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I want to return to my previous posts about the importance of having positive momentum in our lives.  One important aspect of keeping our momentum going is to not let ourselves get weighed down or slowed down by taking on too much extra stuff in our lives.  These days it seems to be so easy for all of us to just let our lives get cluttered with extra things like t.v. shows, bad habits, worrying about things we can’t change, people that are bad influences and the list could go on.  When we take on too much or take things on we shouldn’t we can get easily bogged down and it can be more difficult to keep our momentum going strong enough to finish the original thing we set out to do.

Letting Unnecessary Things Into Our Lives Slows Down Our Positive Momentum

Picture a boulder slowly rolling down a hill starting to build up momentum but it keeps hitting the muddy patches and picking up clumps of mud.  Each individual clump of mud does not really change the momentum of the boulder but when enough of it gets stuck to the boulder or one side starts getting overbalanced it can absolutely affect the momentum.  That boulder is going to slow down and in the end it might even stop from moving forward, especially if the hill is at spot where it is not as steep.

Sometimes Momentum Is Easy And Sometimes We Have To Work Hard To Keep It

Going through the process of accomplishing our goals, at times we will have massive momentum and keeping it going is easy (like the boulder rolling down a very steep hill).  At other times the going can be more difficult and keeping our momentum will seem more difficult (like the boulder rolling down a flatter hill that is not as steep). Through these times we need to keep every advantage on our side to ensure our momentum stays up and we keep moving forward.  

Stay Focused Until You Accomplish Your Goal

Staying focused on the goal in front of you until completion will help you not get overwhelmed and bogged down.  When you start other goals that coincide with this goal, or let your focus wander and don’t stay laser focused that’s when we slow down.  Then when we hit those spots where the boulder is not rolling as fast, or the hill is not as steep it will be much harder to continue, and more difficult to keep our momentum.  

Cut The Clutter

Cut the clutter out of your life.  Only you know what is in life is considered clutter so I am not going to tell you what to cut out.  Stay focused, keep your eyes on the prize and don’t let your focus wander off of your goal, then you will be able to accomplish what you set out to do and finish strong with the power of momentum behind you all the way..

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