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People that think they are better than someone else make me mad.  We all breathe oxygen, we all have the same kind of blood pumping through our veins.  We are equals except that the choices in life that we make lead us down different paths.  The people that raise us make choices that effect our future and sometimes we don’t even get a say in the process.  The only thing that separates us from one another is the choices that we make in life. Other than that we are the same.  Not one of is inherently better than anyone else, and not one of us is worse. We are the same.

Without The Weight Of Our Decisions And Choices We Are All The Same

I really want you to think about that and let it soak in.  I mean really let it soak in. Down deep to your core. If you take our pasts and decisions that have been made for us or by us out of the equation we are all the same.  Just people living on earth trying to do the best we can do with what we have. We are all the same. Just because someone else has more stuff than you or seems to be more successful than you does not mean they are better than you.  Conversely just because you are seemingly doing better than someone else does not mean you are better than them. It just means your circumstances are different. Different decisions have been made by those around you and yourself. Out of those decisions come consequences, both positive and negative that depend on the decision made.  Those consequences build up to create our circumstances and shape who we are in the moment.

Many Of Our Circumstances Can Be Changed…You Are Not A Tree!

The good news is that many circumstances are temporary and can be changed.  Some decisions can lead to a lifelong consequence that you cannot change and that may be either unfortunate for you or beneficial depending on that decision.  Other decisions can lead to consequences and circumstances that are temporary and can be changed. If you find yourself living a life you did not want but your decisions lead you there, change it if you can.  Make a different decision, lead yourself back to where you want to be. A great quote by Jim Rohn I think of often is, “If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.” That is so true and we often forget it.  We forget that we can change our behaviors and decisions. We forget we can even change our personalities and likes and dislikes. You are NOT a tree!

Surround Yourself With Good People That Can Help You Make Good Choices

Make goals, find people to help you accomplish those goals.  Spend some time reading some of my other posts and you will see there is hope.  Hope for change and hope for a better future.  Make some changes in your life by making different decisions. Become a better version of yourself than you are today.  We all have things we can work on and we all have decisions we live to regret. We can minimize those decisions by having people around us that can help us as well as not rushing into things without weighing out the consequences of our actions before taking them.  There is nothing saying you can’t make changes in your life but remember that we are all the same.  Just as you are maybe struggling right now, so are many of us.

Treat Other’s Equally…Even When You Don’t Want To

So don’t judge your neighbor or the people around you, instead have compassion on them and remember that if you had made different decisions in your life you might be exactly where they are and they might be right where you are.  Treat the people around you as the equals that they are and work hard to make good decisions that will lead you to where you want to be and the person that you were meant to be. We are all the same and we all deserve the same dignity and respect that we expect for ourselves.  Try it out, stop judging and start caring about people and I bet you start to see a change in your circumstances. You are not a tree, stop acting like one!

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